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And why would you give me one for free?

What is an heirloom bridal portrait?

Have you ever seen a bridal portrait of your mother? Your grandmother? A photo of them in their wedding gown, gazing serenely off-camera, usually taken in the weeks before their wedding?

The bridal portrait of my mother at age is one of my favorite photos of her. In the lighting of her profile I see my nose and cheekbones in her 21 year old face.

She is art. 


Since the invention of digital photography (and even in the decade or so before), the studio bridal portrait has given way to the day of portrait---taken amongst a thousand others from a list of must have shots. This approach demotes the bridal portrait to just another photo taken on the day and is limited by time, weather, and a thousand other mitigating factors. 

I want to bring back the heirloom bridal portrait, I want to create a photo that your family will treasure because it is a study of you, and not snapshot. A photo that captures you, your gown, and your spirit before one of the most important days in your life. In order to do this, I need to expand my portrait portfolio and specialize in this specific niche to show what can be created. 

For us to work together, (and for you to get your free session), I need a few things from you. 

  • Your wedding gown to be ready to be photographed (it does not need to be hemmed, but it needs to fit.)

  • A hair and makeup team (this is an EXCELLENT time to do a bridal trial.) If you are comfortable doing this yourself, then that works as well. The ideal hair and makeup is soft and vintage inspired. 

  • A gown that has a vintage feel to it, or is vintage/antique. I'm also looking for gowns that have unique design elements and even colors other than white!

  • Transportation to and from zip code 90048 and 2-3 hours for the shoot. 

Although I am a fan of gowns that run the gamut, this project is very specific so I'm trying to avoid gowns with:

  • rhinestones

  • significant invisibility mesh on the decolletage and shoulders

  • extraordinarily shiny fabric

If this sounds like you and you'd like to create a portrait together, please reach out so we can get started! 

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Located in the Beverly Grove area 
(between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.) 


Thanks for submitting!

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